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Christmas Mail Call

Xmas 2012 Card

This year started out with lots of football and transitioned quickly to wisdom tooth surgery. John continued to travel a lot for work, and then we learned about my pregnancy in the spring! The rest of the year was filled with lots of excitement and transition, and sadly, the blog suffered with my infrequent posts. My 365(+1) photo project became a bit of a priority, so I’m still a little behind on posting travel pictures from numerous 2012 trips. I’ll get there soon, hopefully over Xmas break! For an explanation of the photos in our 2012 Xmas card, please visit the Christmas Card archives page.

A Rainy Shower!

Baby Shower

Due to distance and timing, I did not have bridal shower, and John and I did not have a “cake cutting” at our wedding (we had cupcakes). Saturday’s party gave us an opportunity to accomplish a few of those things surrounded by our friends and family. We had delicious cake, fun activities, and we now have the most adorable, personally-decorated onesies! The album above includes a few cute shots from the shower, as well as a photo record of a couple gifts from Quogue for those who could not attend.

Many thanks to Anne for organizing, hosting, and coordinating an amazing baby shower for me and John. Many thanks to Susan for the use of her home and having everything on hand… and many thanks to Mom and Dad for flying to a very rainy California to be with us. And thanks again to everyone who braved the real showers to come to our shower!!

365 (+1) Project Recap

Last winter I introduced our 365 photo project (actually, 366 photos due to leap day 2012). It was not always easy to remember to take a photo every day. I took a number of photos around 11PM, right before bed…. but overall, it was a great experience. I’m really happy that I stuck it out and completed the project!

Today I finally finished the post-project project. The photo blog is now updated, and I created and ordered a book through Blurb. I also created a digital copy of the book that anyone can add to an iPhone or iPad though the iBooks application–just click this link and add the (free) book to your cart. I cannot wait for the hard copy to arrive in the mail next week!

John encouraged me to put together some stats on the type of photos, but alas, I’m too tired to run the numbers. I would approximate that 10% of the photos featured Vinnie, and I seem to really like pictures of the very blue California sky. Other frequently featured subjects included flowers, beaches, and food of all kinds.

Now that I no longer have the distraction of daily photographs, I should be able to catch up on this blog. Stay tuned for some back-dated posts in the next few weeks. I have to get everything upgraded in preparation for the Xmas card launch…

A Must Have Item

Out of the blue I received a text message from a former colleague last night… it read as follows:

Is John putting this on your new car? Saw this on our local Jiffy Mart wall here in LG [Los Gatos]

Well, who will steal this for me? It’s clearly a must-have item for the 2012 holiday season.

SF Architecture Tour


Despite being a city not know for its architecture, John and I found a fantastic and informative tour through a friend’s great recommendation. We picked a gorgeous September morning and joined about 15 other people on an architectural walking tour through downtown. I loved learning about the buildings I walked by every day when I worked in the city! Plus, we learned about the secret world of POPOS (privately-owned, public outdoor spaces). If you come to San Francisco anytime soon, this tour is on our recommendation list!

Cooking with Fire

John, Michael, and Brian teamed up for a final iteration of the Cooking Dangerously dinner series on August 25th, 2012. Between busy jobs, relocation, and kids, the guys have a lot less time than they did during graduate school. I had the distinct pleasure of being the only person to have eaten at all eight (possibly nine, no one can really remember) of these fantastic dinners.

The grand finale lived up to expectations, and not just because of the fire…! The photos below capture a delicious evening, and as usual, Michael’s pictures are much better than mine.

pickled cucumber, radish, and pink peppercorns on sweet onion creme fraiche

seared scallop with bacon dashi, shitake mushrooms, and kohlrabi-leek puree

sous vide pork tenderloin, cornbread puree, grapefruit, sage pudding, and caramelized fennel

basil crusted lamb loin, garlic custard, and lamb jus with artichoke barigoule and cherry tomatoes warmed in butter

blueberry soup and crème anglaise with brown butter oat crisps

roasted banana ice cream, pie crust, and cinnamon hot chocolate sauce with rum-flambéed meringue

7th Annual Iron Chef — Rice!

7th Annual Iron Chef

Despite John’s pasta family roots, we selected “rice” (and wild rice, which is technically a grass) as the theme ingredient for this year’s Iron Chef party. We moved the party to the summer to ensure the use of our backyard—no rain and extra daylight hours. Fabulous food, coupled with a spirited crowd made for one of my favorite parties yet. I’m already excited about next year!

Thanks to Luke’s excellent photography, the album above captures the evening quite well. As always, congratulations to all of the winners.

Best Appetizer
John, “bo ssam” – butter lettuce wraps with kimchi black rice, pork shoulder, and ssam sauce

Best Main Course
Fahmida, murgh pilau

Best Dessert
Mary, peanut butter crunch cake

Best Vegetarian
Heather & Arnav, pebbled paella 

Best Presentation
Luke & Jen, musubi (Japanese rice balls)

Best Overall
John, “bo ssam” – butter lettuce wraps with kimchi black rice, pork shoulder, and ssam sauce


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